Malaysia attacks FAO report on palm oil

Malaysian chief Industries Minister Teresa Cook rejected a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on palm oil and its products, which she described as “biased”, saying that she would invite FAO researchers to visit her for a discussion on the subject.

The Malaysian minister, in remarks by the Malaysian news agency Bernama, said on Saturday that there should be a discussion between who researchers and their local counterparts who have carried out intensive research on palm oil products in order to obtain a clearer picture of the results of the research.

The organization’s researchers who published the report did not have a real picture of palm oil, and they had to hold discussions with nutritionists and palm oil at the Malaysian Palm Oil Council and local universities.

“The west, including medical experts, environmental experts or politicians, have criticized palm oil for having only one-sided information, many of whom do not know the circumstances in South-East Asia,” he said, describing the report of the World Health Organization (WHO) as unresponsible and professional, where It damaged the reputation of palm oil without taking into account the research carried out by other bodies.

“I see that this has become an argument for the EU in its campaign to prevent the entry of palm oil into its markets,” she said, while Malaysia is the world’s largest palm oil producer.

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