McLaren unveils 720S Spider with 710 HP

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With a new car by McLaren to her family of super Series Supercars, McLaren unveils 720S Spider.

720S Spider has a lot of 720 features, but it features a collapsible ceiling made of one piece of carbon fiber, and McLaren says it is the fastest convertible in the super car class with 11 seconds to open or close, and can work while the car runs at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Customers can request 720S Spider with a glass roof.

On the habit of convertible cars that need additional reinforcement of the structure to compensate for the hardness of the roof, McLaren did so, but used carbon fiber enhancements to maintain as low a weight as possible, and McLaren added some aerodynamic improvements to the car include the rear spoiler and dispersed Active rear air.

McLaren 720S Spider weighs only 1,332 kilograms, 49 kilograms from her Cuban sister, but still lighter than 88 kilograms from her closest rival, according to McLaren, who refused to mention the name of the competition, carrying a 4.0-liter dual-turbo engine that produces 710 HP and connects to a 7-speed serial transmission, and can start from the type C to a speed of 100 km/s in 2.8 seconds only.

One of the McLaren 720S Spider cars can now be booked at the price of 315,000 USD in the United States (1,180,000 SAR) and McLaren will deliver them to customers in March 2019.

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