Mercedes unveils entirely new CLA 2020

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Mercedes-Benz unveiled its all-new CLA 2020 with the latest design, higher technologies and more luxury.

Inspired by Mercedes CLA designed by its sister CLS especially with regard to the rear half of the car looked from the roof slope and even the design of the taillights, the front section looks closer to the A-class family but it features a little less sharpness lamps and a prominent hood. In the interior, Mercedes has developed all that makes of CLS luxury Mercedes, modern designs, high-quality materials and high-tech, we find the center console holds two screens for the entertainment system and the instrument panel,
On Mercedes’s habit of distinguishing the first version of its cars Mercedes has characterised this version of CLA as Orange Edition instead of Edition 1 and Mercedes has brilliantly distributed its aesthetic touches within CLA by mixing different colors with orange color.

Technically, we find that the car has the latest Mercedes, where Mbux Entertainment is available to support smartphones in Android and Apple. Mercedes has also provided the first-of-its-kind energizing COACH feature that provides healthy and personalized recommendations to the car owner. CLA 2020 has got techniques from her elder sister S-class include road control systems and driver assistance that reads 500 meters in front of the car and includes systems to keep the front distance and keep track and emergency brakes.

Mechanical CLA 250 will be available with a fuel engine that produces 225 horsepower and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the engine produces 225 hp and 350 nm, and Mercedes has confirmed that the car will be available in a variety of diesel and petrol engines, and it will certainly be available in AMG categories later, at least a class CLA 43 has a weaker probability for the CLA 45 class that Mercedes is believed to have dispensed with to evacuate her sister a 45

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