Mercedes unveils new GLE 2020 with 3 rows of seats

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Mercedes has finally unveiled several new versions of GLE for the new 2020 model, The first thing we’ll notice in the new Mercedes GLE is bold headlights and a tight front to the sides that get rid of the dynamic appearance for a strong presence. The side profile gets very simple updates that appear on the shelves and prominently, while the column seems almost identical to the current generation. The rear end has got better updates that fit the car perfectly with narrow, shaded lamps giving the car a smaller and simpler look than it actually is.

The interior of the new GLE comes with an excellent degree of workmanship to suit a new mountain of Mercedes cars, modern technology, vibrant screens and an excellent distribution of interior elements. This collection is complemented by bold and elegant hand handles reminiscent of Porsche Cayenne.

Luxurious touches extend to second-class comfort and entertainment, and even to the optional third grade at the Mercedes GLE, which makes the car accommodate up to seven people, as a perfect vehicle for families wanting a luxury and spacious car that enables everyone to get their space.

The new Mercedes GLE 2020 will be available in a number of engines including a 2.0-liter engine producing 255 hp and a 3.0-liter engine producing 362 hp. The car will come in a 48-volt hybrid class. The systems will include a unique GLE suspension system that controls each wheel for maximum passenger comfort, It is capable of turning 100% of torque to the front axle or to the rear axle.

The all-new GLE will arrive in the market in the second half of next year, but Mercedes will launch it to the public at Paris first next month.

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