Microsoft reveals details of its upcoming games console “Xbox Scarlett” and its launch date

Microsoft took advantage of the E3 exhibition and the absence of Sony about it to highlight the new Xbox games and their launch schedules in addition to launch new and comprehensive subscriptions to the various Xbox services, as he was to talk about the Xbox unit coming up space on the stage where the company revealed some details of internal gear for Xbox Scarlett’s box, as I knew in her presentation, seems to be coming in line with her gaming cloud service.

According to Microsoft, the device will have a dedicated processor built on the architecture of the Zen 2 processors and AMD Radeon rDNA graphics processors, where the company has stated that the next unit will be 4 times more powerful than Xbox One S, and Scarlett will have the support of high-speed memory GDDR6, and will support 8k resolution at 120 Hertz refresh rate The second will use a new generation of SSD storage units.

In its next version of Xbox, Microsoft focuses on the development of a highly performance integrated gaming console and an exclusive focus on games as it has crossed, with a strong competition track with powerful competitors in the cloud playing field through its xclould-up project, which will be a major competitor to Google’s stadia.

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