Microsoft will launch cheaper Xbox One without a CD player in 2019

E3 exhibition is the focus of fans of electronic games and passionate about all that is new in this field, especially for the products of both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming console, but the exhibition will lose an important part next year that the company Sony announced not to participate in it due to being looking The latest ways to share their products with their fans, and they probably have their own plans for next year, but Microsoft has taken advantage of the opportunity to announce its participation in the exhibition with a strong number of new services and additions, and on top of it, apparently its new version of the drive-free Xbox.

While this console is not considered to be part of the next generation Xbox series that is expected to be launched in 2020 or later, but speaking of 2019, there will be an Xbox One-free CD player present according to Microsoft’s plan, which may cause resentment to some of those who are interested in the device in terms of their inability to Using the CDs they own, or those who do not like to resort to the cloud services of the Games, but perhaps the good news is that the unit price will be reduced by $100 to the limit of $200 as forecast, which is what Microsoft seeks, as previously announced to reduce the cost of manufacturing the device Which will of course be reflected on the consumer and the company as well.

The new Xbox One will be subject to the company’s program of replacing discs and game CDs from retail stores with a downloadable digital version, thus solving a problem that many users will face if they buy it, and the most important point that the company may seek to test is to know the reaction The public to acquire a device without a CD player and exploit it to make a final decision for the next generation version if they are thinking of launching it with the support of subscription service only.

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