Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 a year from now

Microsoft announced that a year from now will stop sending security updates and technical support to the famous operating system Windows 7 to put the definite end to one of its most important operating systems at all.

Starting from January 14, 2020, Microsoft will not send any new updates or security updates to fill gaps, which means that it is time for millions of users, especially companies, to move to newer systems, especially Windows 10.

Microsoft has launched Windows 7 system ten years ago now and has easily gained a large market share due to its high-quality and elegant and stylish comparison with Windows XP.

Windows 7 is still in use in about 40% of the users ‘ devices, although nine years have passed since it was released according to last year’s end statistics.

It is worth mentioning that the technical support period for Windows 7 officially ended in 2012 with the launch of Windows 7 but due to the large proliferation of the system decided to extend the life cycle of five additional years and then continued to send only security updates, and now it’s time to retire only for companies that pay for updates Security and technical support.

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