Microsoft’s unresonated room |the most Quiet room in the world.

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The most prominent company in the field of computer technologies (Microsoft), and a few years ago, entered the Guinness record, not because of the development of an order on electronic devices , but for build the quieter room in the world, how did it succeed?.

Microsoft’s Quiet Rooms

The reality of this imaginative achievement dates back to 2015, when Microsoft’s famous company succeeded in making an unresonated room, inside Building 87 at the company’s headquarters, in the city of Ridmont, Washington, D.C., where the room was designed to absorb the walls of external sounds, which makes the stay inside As a suspicious test of the severity of calm.

This quiet room helped the sound lab team to use it as a convenient place, to test the digital PDA developer by Microsoft, known as Kurtana, how about designing that amazing room?

How microsoft  build the quite Rooms?

The leading technology company worked on the design of the roofs, walls and floor, supported by insulators absorbing the ambient sounds, as well as providing a good space between the quiet room and other rooms, where there is sufficient distance to air between them and the rest of the building 87, which means that the arrival of scientists and experts to and from The quiet room, the walk requires steps on a bridge.

Experts assert that the usual sound levels may be as high as 60 db, while in volcanic areas it is about 170 db, and for the completely quiet Microsoft room, the sound levels there are below the 20 db barrier below zero, which gave the company the opportunity to break into the Guinness record of Records, After I broke the previous number that did not exceed the 13 db below zero.

One of the company’s renowned experts comments on the non-voting room, saying: “This amazing room was used to test the sounds of more than one modern electronic device, as well as to determine the efficiency of our microphone, where it is impossible for anyone to listen to any external sounds inside, while you can hear instead So, the heartbeat sounds and the blood flow in the body is a wondrous and unconventional thing, but it is true and occurs only in the quieter Microsoft room in history. “

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