Mini may share its technology with a Chinese company in the future

Recent reports on a part of the MINI plan for its cars for the next five years include new collaboration of the BMW Group, a MINI owner, with a Chinese company and a change in the MINI car group.

MINI seems to be offering fewer cars in the years to come, with MINI removing its three-door sedans and convertible cars, leaving the option of four-door cars available. On the other hand, the sources say that MINI will not use the UKL wheelbase that it shares with other BMW vehicles that include the X1 and X2, but will use the new FAAR wheelbase starting from the 2021 models.

BMW will partner with Great Wall to produce mini-electric batteries and produce mini cars dedicated to the needs of the Chinese market to compete in one of the world’s toughest car markets.

It is impossible to confirm the validity of the information with the absence of official statements from the MINI, but the decision to cancel the mini-cars with three doors and convertible seems unlikely to the popularity of these cars in the public MINI.

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