Mitsubishi unveils new Triton 2019 to be alternative to L200

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  • Mitsubishi Triton 2019

Mitsubishi has launched its entirely new Triton car that comes to rival L200 pick up cars.

The Misuichi Triton outer design has a Dynamic Shield style that gives the car the appearance of a whole new car with simple lines gives the car a strong sporty look that is perfectly expressed.

Mitsubishi has not only made its new appearance but added features to the engines by providing one of the Super-select 4WD or Easy-select 4WD systems where the first of them is to provide maximum cohesion and control of multiple driving modes.

Both systems include off-road mode that improves vehicle performance on unpaved roads.

Mitsubishi has focused on safety technologies and has provided Triton with a blind spot control system, a front-end accident mitigation system, a rear junction control system, an acceleration system and, finally, a peripheral camera system, some of which are available in a number of Mitsubishi  cars for years.

In a number of Southeast Asian markets, the Thai market will be available for sale, and the car will later reach a number of international markets, including the European market and the Middle East.

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