Mizo unveils world’s first phone without any ports

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  • Meizu-Zero-003

Have you ever used a phone without a USB port for charging? No speakers? No buttons? And without even a slide outlet? You certainly have never experienced it but this is a new mezzo Meizu zero phone that was unveiled by the company just before.

Mezo company has already unveiled a no-port phone (except for the sound of the audio, of course) the company has replaced the charging port with a wireless charger that is the fastest in the world now with 18W power.

The side buttons become touch through sensors on the side of the phone and with regard to the sound, the phone will use the uled screen that supports the broadcast technology through the screen itself and of course replaced the regular slide ports with ESim electronic chip technology.

Technically, the phone also works with the Snap Dragon 845 processor and also introduces the 5.99-inch touch-screen fingerprint technology, and the phone also offers two 20-and 12-megapixel cameras.

The phone supports facial recognition technology and is also waterproof according to IP68 standards and it is expected that mezzo will disclose more details, availability dates and prices of this phone soon.

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