Mother’s milk .. the benefits of breastfeeding

We hear many doctors and health organizations about the importance of breast milk and the mother’s need for breast-feeding instead of formula milk, for which there are many benefits, such as those we are now discovering.

Food compensation

The mother’s milk holds the perfect compensation for the child’s inability to eat food, including the necessary nutrients for growth, which contains good proportions of proteins, vitamins and fats, during which the child finds no difficulty in swallowing.

Reduce digestion problems

The mother’s milk contains important elements that preserve the child’s digestive system. There are supporting elements to support its growth, while other substances and compounds also limit the chances of the child becoming infected with gastrointestinal infections.

Strong immunity

While infants are not immune to widespread diseases and viruses, breast milk is full of antibodies, which contribute significantly to protecting children from the risk of infection.

Prevent the emergence of certain diseases

In addition to having a strong immunity against most diseases and viruses, the child is more likely to have certain diseases, such as respiratory or ear diseases, as well as diarrhea, which is one of the most common diseases affecting infants.

High IQ

Several scientific studies have confirmed that there is a direct relationship between the natural breastfeeding of the mother’s milk and the high level of his intelligence, which is shown by increasing his ability to attain scholastic achievement over the following years.

Improve the psychological state

A clear and strong correlation between the child’s psychological state and his breastfeeding naturally. Some studies have indicated that the contact between the baby’s skin and his mother increases his sense of safety and psychological support.

Reduce the chances of chronic diseases

The chances of a child becoming chronically ill and growing older, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and a small number of cancers, which are reduced by breast milk, are significantly reduced.

Prevention of sudden death

Sudden death syndrome is a medical term that calls the infant to die during the first months of birth and before reaching the first year, which doctors confirm that breastfeeding eliminates the risk of children being infected with the syndrome altogether.

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