MWC 2019: Energizer will show 26 smart phones including a large battery and a folding screen

The U.S. company Energizer will unveil 26 models of its smartphones in the World Telephone Congress to be held in Barcelona at the end of this month, with a number of its models will include several specifications that are considered the monopoly of the leading phones including a large battery capacity of 18,000 ma/h and others will be equipped with a camera Popup and folding screen.

These phones are followed by four different lines of production for the company, Power Max, Ultimate, Energy and Hard case, where the Power Max is the 18,000 ma/h battery that is the largest battery ever to be delivered to a mobile phone; The Ultimate series is the pop-up camera On a bump-shaped drop of water.

The Ultimate versions (U620S pop and U630S Pop) will work with the Mediatech P70 and P22 processors, both with dual cameras, with a 16MP and 2 mega pixel speaker for depth, and pop U630S will be launched in June with 64 GB storage space and 4GB RAM while U620S Pop will receive With 128GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM and the light is coming in July.

Speaking of other phones, all of them will have the basic specifications in smartphones, and the folding phone from Energizer is not for a moment a clear conception of what it is and its design, but in about 20 days we will certainly see the MWC and the vision is quite clear.

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