Mystery Museum opens in Dubai

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In the Gulf emirate of Dubai, the Museum of Mystery, which is full of mental games and visual tricks to entertain visitors.

The chain of branches of the Mystery Museum is the fastest growing, since the opening of its first branch in Zagreb in 2015, according to Reuters.

Tricks, which use spaces, lighting and mirrors, create designs by a team of designers and architects to become idols and mental games that make them see with their eyes almost unbelievable.
A visitor, Avatika Singh, described her visit to the museum as “a very unique experience”.

“The only thing we can get out of here is the memories of the photos, so we picked up a lot of pictures and we still have many areas to visit,” she said, “We have had a good experience, it is an excellent place to come and visit.”

With the opening of the Mystery Museum in Dubai, the UAE has become the ninth mystery museum in the world. The director of the museum believes it complements the entertainment scene in the city.

Many schools have visited their students to the museum to enjoy the mystery and educational tricks.

The museum entrance fee is AED 80 (about US $ 21) and AED 60 (about US $ 16.3) for children under the age of 15.

The museum cost four million AED (about $ 1 million). It is the second museum of its kind in the region after the opening of the Mystery Museum in the Omani capital, Muscat, last year.

The chain is scheduled to open six branches in different locations across the globe by the end of the year, Svetcheva said .

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