Natural juices has a big damage to health

The interest in natural juices and their health benefits has increased recently, with increased attention to healthy diets and diets, but is this a fact, and is there damage to some juices to health.

Experts say that receiving the digestive tract of the fruit weakens with the time the bowel functions, so that the digestion of solids from food becomes more difficult, according to “Daily Wellness Pro “.

Also, when the fruit age loses fibre, it keeps the body in a fuller state for a longer period and has a strong disease prevention effect.

In addition to the fact that humans consume more than their energy from this fruit, to make one cup of orange juice we need 4 grains, which is not possible for humans to eat in the state of nature at once.

Because the body can absorb juices faster than hard food, it pays to feel hungry, thus consuming more calories, which may not be beneficial to health.

An apple, for example, needs a complex digestive process that starts from the mouth with chewing, to the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach. But with juice, this process is exceeded and the duration of the meal is significantly reduced.

Although sugars derived from fruits and vegetables are healthier, their amount may be larger when taken as juices, giving the opportunity for high blood sugar levels.

There are tips on how to drink juices

Carrot Juice: Add a milk analyzer or a few drops of olive oil or sesame or pumpkin to the juice to turn the beta-kroutine material in it to vitamin A.

Tomato juice and beet juice can cause bladder inflammation in women exposed to the formation of kidney stones in their kidneys.

It is best to drink pomegranate juice using a lollipop to drink without it and with this continuous juice you will have your teeth in a brown color at the root.

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