needles and pins fond in strawberry crop in Australia

فراولة بسوق للفاكهة والخضراوات - أرشيف رويترز

Australian police said on Monday that strawberry needles were found in two other states in the country, expanding health concerns that prompted retailers to recall products and farmers to get rid of tons of crops at the height of the season.

A man in the state of Western Australia and a girl in the state of South Australia reported finding needles in their fruits in the past two days, police said.

The contamination of these needles is now believed to have hit seven Australian strawberry marketing brands, according to police reports, prompting the authorities to launch warnings to consumers to cut the fruit before eating it.

Ian Stewart, the Queensland police commissioner, told reporters on Monday it was not yet clear if the contamination was caused by one person acting alone or several people acting independently, noting that tracking products to their original source through a complex supply chain takes time.

Consumers in Queensland were the first to report finding needles inside strawberries.

Police in the other two states decided to investigate.

Police said she believed the source of the fruit containing the needles and pins was a Queensland-based supplier. The state is a major producer of strawberries in a national industry of more than 130 million Australian dollars ($ 93.22 million) a year.

Woolworth’s group raised all the strawberries bearing the damaged brands on shelves.

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