New technology to increase rainfall in desert areas

A new study shows that the installation of solar panels and wind turbines in the desert can increase precipitation rates and increase the proportion of green areas.

The construction of wind farms and the installation of solar panels in desert areas could contribute to preventing climate change as previously recognized, said the new US-based Wonder Woman Engineering. A change of another kind that contributes to turning the desert into green areas. ”

The team of researchers at the University of Illinois, USA, simulated the impact of solar panels capacity of 79 tW and wind farms can generate 3 t of electricity, indicating that they reflect their aspirations for what will become renewable sources of energy in the future and not compared to what exists At present.

Wind farms and solar panels provide an important source of energy for the time being, which the world is seeking to use on a large scale to phase out the use of fossil fuels, the main source of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming on Earth.

The idea of ​​working wind turbines is to mix the warm air in the upper layers, with the less hot currents in the layers closer to the earth, while working solar panels to reduce the size of sunlight reflected in the direction of the atmosphere, according to the newspaper “The Independent “Which indicated that the study was conducted in the Sahara regions of Africa and the Middle East.

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