New Zealand Prime Minister takes her baby to the United Nations

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Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, attended the UN General Assembly with her child during her first speech since taking office as Prime Minister at such an international forum.

After her speech to the General Assembly, she began to fondle her child.

Her partner, Clark Gayford, who is in charge of caring for Nivi, was carrying the girl during the prime minister’s address to world leaders.

ArdernĀ is the second elected president to be born during her term.

The first official word was given by Jacinda Ardern as prime minister at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, where she highlighted the “deep impact” of the South African leader on her country.

The mother relies on breast feeding to feed the “first New Zealand girl”, leading her to a practical solution of taking the child with her during the six-day foreign tour.

“Do not be close to me all the time in New Zealand,” said the New Zealand Prime Minister, speaking of her child, according to local media.

Gayford is responsible for caring for the girl throughout the mother’s stay on the international mission at the United Nations, and the child is given a United Nations entry visa bearing her image.

Jacinda said she bore the expenses of traveling and staying her partner during the mission, stressing that the purpose of his presence with her was “to take care of the girl Nivi.”

The prime minister returned to work in August after spending what could be described as the “fastest vacation status”, which amounted to six weeks.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has shown that there is no better representative of her country in the United Nations than a working mother,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told Reuters news agency.

“Only 5 percent of the world’s leaders are women, so we need to show them a lot of hospitality,” he said.

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