Nike Adapt BB .. Bluetooth self-lacing shoes

Nike has announced an upgraded version of self-lacing footwear named «Adapt BB», which is smart enough to adapt to the player’s foot at the touch of a button, and allows users to change the color of the incandescent points in the center of the bottom of the shoe to 14 different colors.

The new Nike shoes will be launched on February 17, 2019, primarily aimed at basketball players, and will cost $350, which is half the price of the previous version, which amounted to USD 720.

The new version differs from the previous generation that it can be controlled by an application that is downloaded on the phone and depends on the Bluetooth technology unlike the previous version which contained buttons to control the level of shoe lift on the man.

The company says that the new version of the «Nike Adapt BB» is the beginning of the transformation of the company from regular shoes to the release of more advanced versions of self-tying shoes.

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