Nissan unveils the All-new sunny 2020

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Nissan officially unveiled its new Sunny 2020 car during the music festival in Florida.

It seems that the third generation is inspired by the new Nissan Altima, where the headlights became thinner and circular, and lowered the height of the car by 2 inches what gives the wheels a sporty shape. The interior features an entertainment information system and a dashboard configuration, with a keyless door opening system with a button for engine operation and shutdown, and seat heating options.

Emergency braking, lane departure warning and high-beam automatic headlights have also been added, and options include a blind spot monitor.

Mechanically available in the sunny 2020 4-cylinder 1.6-liter engine generates 122 horsepower and a torque of 154 Newton. Meter, the engine connects to a 5-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable CVT.

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