Now you can live in 3D printed house

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It is no longer a dream, or a hope of technological development that is still far away. If you are a resident of the Netherlands, you will be able to live in a printed house, built with a three-dimensional printer.
Cooperation between Eindhoven Technology and a number of other partners has resulted in a plan to build houses printed in three-dimensional presses, according to local press reports.

The first 5 printed houses will be built in Eindhoven, southern Holland, later this year.

A spokesman for the university said the project would be the first of its kind to build houses for commercial purposes in the world, adding: “Houses will be populated and will meet the requirements of modern construction.”

Previous experiments were carried out to build three-dimensional printing houses, but all were for research purposes.

The first house to be constructed in the Netherlands will consist of one storey, while the team of scientists later hopes to build 3-storey houses with 3D printers.

The Eindhoven spokesman said the printing of houses would be a revolutionary shift in the real estate world, where engineers could build any design with the specifications and colors they wanted.

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