Number of hours of sleep required by a person in accordance with his/her age

We have heard a lot of information about our biological hours and how respecting our sleep cycles can have great health benefits, usually people think that 7-8 hours are enough but this is not always the case, sleep is an integral part of our lives there is nothing better than going to bed after a long hard work day, sleep the Health is very important for rest and recovery, but how many hours of sleep do we need to get a healthy and comfortable sleep?.

Scientists have already determined through specialized scientific studies what the human body needs from the hours of sleep according to its age so that it can continue its life with high efficiency and through that achieves its goals and ambitions that it seeks and maintains its public health at the same time.
Damage to the number of hours of sleep on human

Many of us are waiting for a weekend to get a good rest, but it’s best not to neglect to sleep all week because it negatively affects our overall health, as sleep deprivation affects the quality of future sleep episodes negatively, for example, on weekends, although we may get a number of hours. Length We do not feel physically comfortable.

Also not getting enough sleep weakens our immunity and can lead to severe consequences, not getting enough sleep increases the risk of developing the following problems and diseases: changes in the function of hormones, cardiovascular disease, visual problems in addition to diabetes, plus all This bad sleep affects the body and appearance, and as a result, weight gain, circles under the eyes, pallor and bad skin become a reality, lack of sleep also leads to lack of concentration, reduced daily efficiency and premature aging.

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