Obesity becomes the first cause of cancer for women in the future

Extensive reports Has issued describe the “silent killer” of all women in the world now days as “the most dangerous warnings”.

Many experts have warned that obesity will overtake smoking as the main cause of cancer among women worldwide in the next 25 years.

According to the study, published by The Daily Telegraph, by the year 2035, there will be one in 10 cases of cancer caused by obesity, up to 23 thousand cases per year, and only two thousand cases of cancer caused by smoking.

According to the study, by 2043 the incidence of cancer due to excess weight or obesity will increase to 26 thousand cases, while the incidence of cancer will decrease as a result of smoking to 18 thousand cases.

The main reasons for increasing the chances of cancer to prevent people with obesity are significantly increased weight in the waist and abdomen, the study said.

“Obesity is the biggest threat to public health at present, and it would get worse if there were no large-scale awareness campaigns, such as smoking,” the paper quoted by Linda Bould, a researcher at the British Cancer Research Center and author of the study.

“Achieving Low smoking rates may be a reason to celebrate, due to efforts to raise awareness about its health risks and strong political action, including taxation, prevention of tobacco marketing, and banning smoking in public places, which has yielded positive results.”

“But as we did with smoking, we have to move to stop the cancer wave associated with overweight or obesity, and to ensure that these statistics do not turn into reality.”

Obesity also leads to increased cancer incidence in men, with the number expected to rise from 9,600 cases to 18,000 by 2043.

The study noted that there are 13 different types of cancer, linked to overweight or obesity, but the most prominent is “bowel cancer.”

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