Oppo confirms upcoming smartphone camera with a 10-fold optical zoom

The Chinese company Oppo has confirmed that it is already working on a camera with a 10-fold magnification of smartphones, a pattern similar to the 5-fold magnification technology offered by the company two years ago but not launched in the market, and the confirmation of this Oppo after a number of rumors that talked about the company’s plan to offer a phone y To feature this feature in the next few weeks.

The company’s assertion included some information about the camera, which would be equivalent to an millimeter of 15.9-159, a “ultawide” and a medium-zoom telephoto lens in the sense that it consisted of three different lenses, and Oppo did not mention information about the shutter slot for the camera.

In view of these specifications, the company’s description of its cameras may not be stable when zooming out and maintaining a clear, precise image, but it will certainly serve the purpose and more as a smart phone camera with a 10-fold optical zoom.

Oppo will show her camera at the World Phone conference WMC next February, but without the certainty of whether it will be available in the market during the year or will be going on a similar approach to the technology of rounding × 5 that it uncovered two years ago and did not launch.

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