OppO is reviewing a Mesh Network works without any type of central network up to 3 km

Mesh Network is not something new and provides users in the right environment with the ability to communicate with each other without the need for any kind of traditional networks such as mobile communications, Internet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

OppO has reviewed its efforts in this area through a communication technology called Meshtalk, which covers an area of up to 3 km, in which two people can communicate with each other without the need for traditional networks.

Meshtalk operates in a decentralized way, it does not need a broadcast and reception station, it works directly between the two ends of the communication, and can cover a wider area if there are more phones shared within the same place.

The network work mechanism through the creation of the Ad hoc network of OppO phones to be able to communicate with each other directly without the need for a central station, and it does not significantly affect the battery of the phone and increase its consumption, the company plans to allow the user to rely on it in emergency situations and when working The phone is on standby for 72 hours.

We also mentioned this type of network and communication has certain uses such as crowded areas such as playgrounds, ceremonial halls, exhibitions, or disaster areas when the traditional telecommunication networks are interrupted, each phone can pass communication with other phones within the same area.

Currently, OppO has reviewed the technique and has not disclosed whether it will be available in its existing telephones on the market or only in future telephones, and we do not know when to launch it officially.

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