OppO will reveal the world’s first phone with a front camera under the screen

The front camera industry in smartphones passed several stages from being in the normal place within the phone frame and then began the extrusion phase, which was introduced in several forms and then the hole inside the screen to the mechanical camera, which was also presented in several forms.

This period seems to be coming to a new stage where earlier reports reported that Samsung has been working for a while to put the camera under the screen and that is what my company Xiaomi also published a video review of a phone carrying a front camera under the screen.

Back to the news headline OppO also showed a video of a phone with a front camera under the screen glass, but the Chinese OppO company now wants to make a better step than its competitors by revealing a prototype of the first smartphone to provide this technology.

OppO launched several interesting advertisements for the next phone, which will be officially unveiled as part of the exhibition of MWC 2019, the Asian version, which will be held in Shanghai, China, from June 26 to 28.

So far no one knows how efficient this technique is but in the near future we will know everything about the camera that will become an integral part of the home screen with the assurance that OppO will reveal a model only which means that the technology is still not ready to reach the hands of consumers until the moment.

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