Oregano oil Health Benefits is amazing

the Oregano oil has a lot of benefits to humans health and nutrition experts have talked a lot about the variety of use between disease prevention and improving public health.

A recent study indicates that two or three tablespoons of oregano oil can improve the health of the liver and colon, which in turn means protecting the digestive system from any maladies.

Heating and inhalation of some of the oil in the nose to treat theĀ  annoying nose blockages, as well as throat problems, which can also be treated by heating the water with some oil drops before drinking.

Oregano oil contains natural properties resistant to fungus, as these properties work to fight fiercely against the bacteria that make up the fungi of the skin, and then protect them.

While the use of Oregano oil is safe for skin, it is recommended for use to treat muscle pain, cold sores, joint pain, and even to get rid of dandruff, it is not recommended to put that oil on fractures, or areas of skin most sensitive, it has been found to irritate the skin in some cases .

Did you know that oregano oil can work as an insect hunter? Indeed, it contains ingredients called carafacrol, which expels insects, as we see the plants of thyme and peppermint, so it is recommended to reduce its content, before placing it on the skin, to be safe against insect attacks of all kinds.

According to confirmed scientific studies, oregano oil would kill several strains of Staphylococcus aureus, as well as other types of bacteria are no less dangerous to public health, which makes this amazing oil a superb antibiotic effect, and quite naturally.

In the end, always ease the oil before you start using it, keeping in mind that the oil in its pure and normal form is likely to infect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes with irritation.

This means that doctors should be consulted before using it, especially with emphasis on the seriousness of use by cardiovascular patients, hypertension, as well as for pregnant women and young children.

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