Photos of the world’s most expensive palace

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Along the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap in southeastern France, the world’s most expensive palace, the 187-year-old, owned by Italian director David Cambari, is now on sale for $ 1.1 billion.

History of Lee Sidders Palace

The construction of the Lee Sieders’ palace dates back to the foreigners who settled in the south of France in the last century. These settlers were characterized by great industrial and commercial capabilities, which led to the rise of their material resources. They began to build luxurious palaces along the coast of the Mediterranean, but their trade and industry were lost. 1929, they sold their palaces to newly arrived wealthy people.

Built in 1830 and built by the mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer in 1850, the palace was a large farmhouse for olive trees that still exist in the palace garden to this day.

In 1904, the heirs of the mayor sold the palace to Leopold II of Belgium, who enriched the palace with a lot of antiques and art, and he was given the utmost care by one of the most luxurious palaces. After the death of the Belgian king, For 80 years, the family has cultivated many exotic plants in the palace garden.

Cambari was able to take over the palace in 2016 by taking over the Lapostol family, and since then it has been offered for sale through a real estate broker.

The palace is 18,000 square feet in size and covers 35 acres. Its internal contents are estimated at $ 410 million, and the original masterpiece of the Palace is the unique combination of home history and well-being, Coastline, are enough features to make it the most expensive house in the world.
High palm trees and cedar trees carrying the palace are surrounded by a palace gate from the outside on either side of a long passageway through which visitors enter the palace.

The palace contains 14 bedrooms, a number of large sitting rooms decorated with giant chandeliers, and the walls are decorated with paintings of the 19th century.

In one of the large palace rooms, a giant library was built from floor to ceiling. The wood-covered library houses 3,000 books, all about nature and plants.

Experts estimate that $ 1 billion may have been a rumor by the local press, but they assert that the real value of the contents of the Lee Sidders Palace is $ 410 million, so this figure will certainly be taken into account when the sale is over. Calculate the value of the land, the distinctive geographical location and the large palace area.

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