Poland offers $ 2 billion to US to build “Trump’s fort”

US President Donald Trump has said that Poland is willing to pay at least $ 2 billion to establish a permanent US military base on its territory, saying he is “seriously considering” the offer.

Trump told a joint press conference at the White House with his Polish counterpart Andre Duda that the latter had “offered us more than $ 2 billion” to set up a US military base in his country.

“Poland is ready to contribute significantly to the United States having a home,” Trump said at the start of his meeting with Duda in the Oval Office. “If they are prepared to do so, we will certainly talk about it.”

“We are studying this very seriously.” Trump explained that the United States will study Polish demand “primarily from the point of view of the military protection of both countries, as well as in terms of cost.”

On Tuesday night, the White House said in a statement that “the United States pledges to consider options to secure a greater role for the US military in Poland, and will intensify our consultations to determine the feasibility of this.”

“The results of these efforts will contribute to defense, not only from Central and Eastern Europe, but also from the Alliance as a whole,” the statement said, referring to NATO, which includes Poland.

During a joint press conference with his American counterpart, the Polish president called for “the deployment of more American soldiers in Poland.”

“I hope that the decision will be made to deploy more units and equipment … I would like to see a permanent US base in Poland,”  He suggested that it be called “Trump’s fort”.

If this US base is already established in Poland, it must increase the tension between Western countries and Russia.

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