Prison sentences for those who feed pigeons in Thailand

Officials in the Thai capital on Sept. 26 disclosed that they were studying the prison of people who feed pigeons in public places to eliminate the risk of bird flu and other diseases.

The Thai capital’s administration has launched a pigeon-hunting campaign and has vowed to ban it. The offenders can be imprisoned for up to three months or fined 25,000 baht (770 dollars) or both.

“There is a risk to humans in places where the bathroom is in large numbers,” Bangkok’s deputy governor Tauisak Lerturban told Reuters.

Tauysak said the health risks of the bathroom included transmission of respiratory diseases, meningitis and avian influenza, adding that “the most effective solution is to stop feeding.”

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Brayut Chan Ocha ordered a nationwide campaign to reduce the number of pigeons in populated areas.

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