“Rage room”… A Chinese tool to vent frustration (PHOTOS)

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The Chinese man, Liu Zhaoxing, stood ready, his body sweating, wearing his protective clothing, and was unwilling to come round.

Liu Chao, in the Chinese capital “Beijing “, stands for his turn to enter the “Rage Room”, in order to vent the anger and daily frustration he faces.

The U.S. “NBC News” network drew attention to the new innovation, which was reached by a Chinese company, after the proportion of people wanting anything to be angry and frustrated.

Anyone can reserve half an hour in the “Chinese Rage room”, as opposed to 1589 Chinese yuan, equivalent to US $23.

The rage room is frequented by various social classes ranging from pastoralists to businessmen, and they can use protective clothing, hammers, bats and even other things.

Eric Knight, owner of the Rage Room, said: “For the time being, a lot and maybe everyone is feeling totally stressed, or angry, about what’s going on at home or work, so there should be many available ways to vent tension or anger in a safe or productive way.”

“This is the first package of the anger room, which is equipped with bottles of beer, wine cups and some other cups to break it apart from anything else that the client can come by himself,” he said.

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