Reasons to the ban of the Killer Hunter movie in Russia

In a swift response to the criticism, Russia blamed the bureaucracy, not censorship, in deciding to stop a Hollywood film screening, which deals with a fictional story about US soldiers rescuing a Russian president from a coup in the Kremlin.

The thriller “Killer Hunter” film was to be shown in Russia’s cinemas on Nov. 1, but this was cancelled, prompting critics of the Kremlin to argue that censorship prevented the show because his story undermined the image of President Vladimir Putin as powerful man.

Last year, Russia banned the screening of the black comedy film “Stalin’s death”, after officials said filming a conflict in the Kremlin following the death of the Soviet leader showed disrespect for the victims of Stalin’s cleansing campaigns.

The Ministry of Culture was quoted by Russian media as saying that Hunter Keller did not get approval because a copy of the film was not presented to the Russian Film archive at an appropriate time.

The ministry’s press office did not reply to the communication in order to obtain a comment.

The story of the film deals with a plot during which the Russian defense minister is holding the president hostage.

The film starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

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