Reporter falsifies the power of Hurricane Florence and two men spoil the scene .. video

There will be no Argument on the power of Hurricane Florence and the destruction it caused, which one US channel reporter tried to show on false act, but was caught Accidentally.

A video of US reporter Mike Seidel, appearing in a direct interview from Wilmington, Delaware, was posted on the popular Weather channel.

Seidel, also a meteorologist, appeared to be resisting the wind to show how powerful Florence was, but his plan quickly failed.

During the direct encounter, Siddal passed through two men walking in the back with no resistance, spoiling the scene that the reporter tried to present.

Viewers said the video lays bare the truth of some reporters, who exploit tragedies to market lies and false news.

Others reported that the journalist had greatly exaggerated when he tried to highlight the power of Florence, although he did not, as the material and human losses left by the hurricane revealed the truth.

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