Robert De Niro’s wife demands half his wealth

According to media reports, Grace Hightower, the second wife of the famous American actor and producer Robert De Niro, is seeking to acquire half of his half-billion dollar fortune with a court decision in Manhattan.

According to the British Daily Mail, Hightower, who was separated from De Niro last November, signed the Pre-marriage convention in 2004, which sets out her rights to a $6 million apartment, 500,000 dollars in cash and $1 million in alimony, in case of divorce.

Alan Mantle, Hightower’s lawyer, said that the terms of the agreement granted her the right to half of the 75-year-old star De Niro, including his 35 companies, earned it.

De Niro and Haitower had been married in 1997, but De Niro had applied for divorce in 1999 and five years later the couple had resumed their marital relationship, which had resulted in two children, Ellen and Helen Grace.

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