Rolando apologizes for attends FIFA announcement of the best in 2018 awards

In a news story with strong implications for one particular scenario, the Spanish newspaper Marca confirmed on Monday that Cristiano Ronaldo will not attend the FIFA World Player Awards ceremony in London.

Ronaldo’s absence seems to be a clear indication that the award may be given to a similar precedent a few weeks ago.

Juventus and former Real Madrid player have apologized for attending the ceremony for an unconvincing reason to play for Juventus in the run-up to Bologna on the sixth round.

Ronaldo, who won the prestigious prize, will also meet Croatian star Luka Modrić, and Mohammed Salah for Competition.

Ronaldo also apologized for not attending the UEFA awards, knowing he was a candidate with Salah and Mudritic as well.

Ronaldo knew he would not win the European Player of the Year award, and that was why he decided not to participate in the Monaco ceremony in late August.

it is well known that Cristiano Ronaldo has long been accused of over-focusing on his character and achievements, which was echoed by several statements he saw fans of the rival teams as containing some provocation.

The most prominent Portuguese player has been named the best player in the world in the past two years on row (5 times overall), while Luka Modrić has won the European Player of the Year award given to her by UEFA weeks ago, and Mohamed Salah won the best player in Africa for 2018 .

Luka Modrić, who led Croatia to the World Cup runners-up position, is expected to win the prize this time after an exceptional season to break the monopoly of Ronaldo and Messi that last 10 years.

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