Russia begins test of a drone fired by a missile

Russia succeeded in developing an unmanned drone capable of carrying by missile and launching them into enemy territory to survey targets.

Alexander Kuchkin, deputy general manager of the Tikhmash complex, said the latest drones launched by the missile made its first flight and began flight tests.

“SPLAF is working with a foreign client under a deal to develop the aircraft, and began testing prototype models for this UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle),” Kuchkin said.

The aircraft is launched at a distance of up to 90 kilometers. It will rise about 500 meters for half an hour, after separation from the rocket. It is studying land up to 25 square kilometers during this time.

It is assumed that the prototypes of the new unmanned aircraft will be placed inside the Smirch missiles, 300 mm, capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 120 km.

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