Russia produces its version of the Chernobyl in a tv series

Russia plans to shoot its own serial that presents the Chernobyl disaster as an event caused by a CIA agent in response to the HBO series.

A presenter on Russian television NTV announced that he had been commissioned to complete the series, and that filming had already begun in Belarus under the direction of director Alexei Muradov.

He is expected to portray the Russian version of the “Chernobyl” series, which tells of a Soviet intelligence officer, “KGB”, and is trying to thwart a subversive conspiracy of American spies who have caused the worst nuclear catastrophe ever since the explosion at the Chernobyl power plant In Ukraine in 1986, killing thousands of people and evacuating the surrounding areas, which are still deserted.

The filming of this Russian version of the series comes in response to the broad controversy over social networks about the series, which is being presented by the American network HBO, which is widely successful.

“One theory is that Americans have infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and many historians do not deny it on the day of the explosion, an enemy intelligence agent was present at the station,” said director Muradov of the Moscow Times newspaper.

The Chernobyl disaster occurred during a failed test for the safety of Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The short series of HBO, which covers the five-episode nuclear catastrophe, ended on June 3rd, and obtained the highest ranking of the public on IMDb, until Thursday, with 9.6 stars out of 10, overcoming mega-series like “Clash of Thrones” and breaking Bad.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Russian version of the series was funded by the Ministry of Culture with an amount of 30 million rubles, equivalent to 460 thousand US dollars, while neither the total budget for the work nor the expected date of its broadcast was announced.

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