Sala Mine the strangest hotel in the world 300 meters underground

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If you are a follower of the Lord of the Rings series, you may have turned to the mysterious Moora mines that show some of the scenes of the first part of that wonderful cinematic series, which proved to be not the only time to spend, but actually and away from the cameras. Sala for silver, which has become the strangest hotel in the world!

A mine or a hotel?

For four centuries, the Sala Silver Mine, located deep in Swedish territory, has been the source of this important and influential metal in the economies of the countries, until it almost ended in 1908, which did not lose sight of this unique mine. Towards him, having transformed a hotel attractively and amazingly to tourists from all over the world.
It is basically a mine that runs 300 meters underground, including a number of tunnels of about 20 km. This prompted Scandinavian officials to turn part of it into a hotel of a different nature, extending to a depth of 155 meters, .

Spending a night inside this hotel makes you feel like a worker of this mine, but an extraordinary factor, getting the highest levels of luxury – the finest chocolates, pastries and cheeses, sitting in clean rooms, decorated with candles and classical lights, It is traditional.
More importantly, there is an optional diving tour in the natural waters of the mine, to explore the mysteries of this mysterious place, which requires swimming in the depths, wearing the heaviest clothes, as the water is almost frozen!

Besides, there is an opportunity to learn to climb by ropes, and watch the oldest traces of mining this magical place, which comes to a large number of tourists around the world, cost to get a room for two, for one night, about $ 500.

So it is a special hotel, suitable for anyone who is tired of spending his holidays in ordinary hotels and would like to experience a different experience in this mysterious and very different hotel in Sweden, the Sala Hotel and the Silver Mine.

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