Samsung announces the date of the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note series has become very popular among Android phone users as many users are waiting for the release of the new generation of this series in the second half of the year starting in 2011 when the series appeared for the first time.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 10 starting next August
Fair enough.. As is clear in the title of the News the famous CNET site sources revealed that Samsung intends to unveil the Galaxy Galaxy 10 in the beginning of August next, specifically on August 7, which means that Samsung will open the pre-order on the device probably on the same day of the event and start selling the device in the same month before the For the September release date for iphone phones.
This time we mention the word series before the Galaxy Note 10 because the latest leaks indicate that Samsung intends to detect 3 phones at one batch of the class notes this year where there will be a version of the Galaxy Notes 10 key and the version of Galaxy Notes 10 Pro which will offer higher features in the screen and camera and battery plus Pest to the version of the Galaxy Note 10e which will be the lowest in specifications and price.
If you are a fan of the Galaxy Note, you have to put the August 7th in the special calendar memo to follow the Samsung event which will be in New York City often to uncover the Galaxy notes 10 phones.

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