Samsung gets certified for an unbreakable OLED screen

Samsung has announced a major shift in the world of OLED displays, unveiling a new, virtually unbreakable screen, and has received approval from the underwriters laboratories concerned for such safety issues.

The company said that the new screen has the same characteristics of ordinary screens, but made of a kind of reinforced plastic that is similar to glass in clarity, weight and light, which gives the screen the ability to bend and bend as much as possible without causing any break.

According to the tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, the screen has passed all the necessary tests efficiently, for example; it was dropped from a distance of 1.2 meters 26 consecutive times without problems, and was placed at 71 degrees Celsius without any damage, in addition to the achievement of the degree Heat-32 efficiently. The screen continued to function normally during all tests.

The tests, which were subjected to the screen is a basic military tests developed by the US Department of Defense.

To confirm the strength of the screen in front of everyone, the company dropped it in front of everyone 1.8 meters after which the screen appeared naturally and was not affected by its work.

Samsung did not announce when the screen would be put up for use, but said the screen would be for smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, educational devices, computers, and military phones.

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