“Samsung” gives its new Galaxy s9 phone as a present to residents of the village of “Apple” (video)

Samsung, the South Korean company, has provoked its first rival Apple, the US, in a new and innovative way.

Samsung distributed copies of its new Galaxy S9 to a number of residents of a Dutch village, which was selected specifically because it was named “Appel” and “Apple” in Dutch, according to PGR.

The South Korean company awarded the Galaxy S9 free of charge to 50 of 312 villagers.

Van Gogh van Walt Mager, marketing director of Samsung in the Netherlands, said it was seeking this marketing campaign to inform the largest number of people about the features of its new Galaxy S9.

“This is not the first time that Samsung has aggressively targeted its competitor Apple,” he said in a statement.

Samsung Netherlands participated in YouTube, a video that captures the reaction of Apple residents who are happy to have their free Galaxy S9 phones.

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