Samsung patented for a Wrappable phone screen

Despite her suffering with the release of her folding-screen phone after the trial copying problems and the fact that no date was set for his official launch, Samsung continues to work on various technologies in the field of smartphones, most of which appeared in the patent of a retractable phone.

When you see the design of the phone, it appears at first glance as a classic, but the patent indicates that it has a flexible screen that can be wrapped on the roller method, meaning that the phone in normal mode will carry a normal size but then it can get a greater length by dragging the screen up, which means that part of a The screen will be inside the phone in the form of “roll” and when needed, the user can lift it up to a level with the basic screen.

It may appear that this is a little bit impossible, especially with the company not releasing its folding phone even, but actually it is not, because there are “roll” TV screens that will appear this year from LG and this technology is also available to Samsung but has not announced the release of any products built on it until Now. Therefore, the order of the retractable screens in the phones is subject to occurrence but it will take several years to become a reality.

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