Samsung wants to add a camera to the S pen

The S pen has always been one of the most notable features of Samsung’s famous Note category, which has a lot of audiences worldwide as Samsung is keen to add new features to the pen year after year.

In the past world Samsung has added Bluetooth to the pen to become the user able to use the pen to take a picture with the camera or in open applications and even in the presentations but the next step looks more exciting.

Samsung has patented a new S pen based on four main things, a camera sensor, optical zoom system and two control buttons that seem to zoom in and out if you’re reading the scene right.

The new idea technically and technically is not difficult and the proof is the advent of the patent but how will Samsung use it? There are a lot of ideas for either the Noot series or even a tablet with a non-party screen where the pen is used for the camera and the same with computers.

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