Scary allegations about baby powder Johnson & Johnson

The global pharmaceutical and cosmetics Group Company, Johnson & Johnson, has long been fearful about the children’s flower that it has been producing for decades.

An investigation revealed to Reuters, that the famous American company, continued to conceal and deliberately that the baby ice powder contains asbestos, carcinogenic.

The investigation reviewed thousands of documents of the company, which indicate that the powder of children, which has been marketed since 1971 and the beginning of the first decade of the current century, contains asbestos.

He stated that the company’s executives, researchers, doctors and lawyers were aware of this fact, but deliberately chose not to disclose this information and not to report it to the authorities.

The Reuters/Johnson & Johnson report also charged that it had tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent regulations that reduced the maximum level of asbestos allowed in cosmetics, which depended on ice powder.

“Johnson & Johnson ” Strongly rejected the allegations in the article, describing them as “unilaterally, falsely and enticing.”

The company said in a statement:

“The story of Reuters is simply a ridiculous conspiracy theory, and we emphasize that the children’s powder ” Johnson & Johnson “is safe and asbestos-free.”

The company also asserted that there were rigorous tests performed, proving that the ice powder  did not contain the carcinogenic minerals.

“Johnson & Johnson ” Saw a decline in its shares on Friday, due to the Reuters report, closing its share of more than 10% at $133 dollars on the New York Stock Exchange, the worst decline in one day in 16 years.

The “Johnson & Johnson ” Company, which faces thousands of cases in the courts, has long been controversial, as children’s powder causes cancer.

In July July, Johnson & Johnson was forced to pay $4.7 billion in compensation to a group of 22 women who claim to have ovarian cancer after using the powder.

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