Scary health damage from hair daily wash

Are you sure to wash your hair on a daily basis once or twice? It may seem useful but on the contrary, only 3 times, it is found that the number required to wash hair weekly rather than daily, while the exaggeration in this matter leads to damage we disclose now.

Removal of natural oils
Daily washing of hair leads to the disposal of useful natural oils, whether for the hair itself or the scalp, which causes-over time and frequency of that process-to damage the hair, as well as the scalp to dry.

Hair Color Change
Hair wash hides its color over time, especially for the hair coloring and change it to red or other colors, as the repeated washing causes the color to be adjusted, while it is advisable to resort to that process at most two or three times in a week.

Get curly Hair
Hair becomes visibly curly and dry with repeated washing, as a definite result of the loss of natural oils that maintain the shine on the one hand and prevent wrinkle on the other hand.

Adhesion of lotions to hair
Imagine that you use the same hair care products every day, which is usually made from wax and other materials that can stick to the hair, to increase its weight while exposed to air, and make it difficult to function as it should.

Suffering from expensive costs
It does not depend on the health or cosmetic damage that one gets when washing his hair daily, but the crisis extends to suffer material damage, caused by the increased costs of using hair care products every few hours.

In the end, the health and hair care experts stress that over-washing the hair will not give him additional benefits as some expect, but on the contrary may lead to several problems, treatment requires a long time and additional costs we are indispensable.

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