Scientists explain why your shoe straps are keep loosen

Scientists have solved a mystery that has puzzled us for a long time – the reason why the shoes straps are automatically loosened when we walk.

“The problem of stripping the shoelace is known to all but has not been studied so far, and they first noticed that the shoelace does not relax if the person moves his leg right and left while sitting,” the researchers said under the supervision of Christopher Dilly Diamond of the University of California.

To find out exactly what happens to the shoelace, Christine Gregg took part in the study on a walker, and her colleagues filmed what happens to her shoe strap while walking or running on the device and watching videos during slow repetition.

The researchers found that when the shoe is placed on the ground while walking, the gravitational force affecting the node increases tremendously and as a reaction to these forces, the knot is stretched and loosened in a reciprocal manner, which gradually disintegrates.

At the same time, the power of inertia affects the loose limbs of the ligament, which vibrate back and forth as they walk and eventually settle the knot. The researchers said that there are types of obese stand up better than others, while there is a contract runs faster than others.

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