Scientists warn of the risk of using dental floss

Scientists studied dental floss for 18 marks and declared that harmful anticompounds are used in its coating.

Scientists from the California Institute of Public Health have found anti-bolivital compounds that are dangerous to health in the dental floss — these compounds can accumulate in the kidneys and liver, and the safe quantity is unknown. According to the magazine “Nature”.

Experts said 178 volunteers filled out lifestyle questionnaires and donated blood, and researchers tried to find 11 different bolivital compounds. In addition to the already known sources of blood-entering vehicles, such as eating from plastic pots and contaminated vehicle water, experts found that bolivital compounds also enter the body when using dental floss.

Scientists studied dental yarns 18 brands, and they said it used to paint their own bolivital compounds, including the most popular brands.

However, scientists have been urged not to rush conclusions about the dangers of dental floss, because there is not yet any evidence that the number of bolivital compounds that enter the human body with the dental floss can be harmful. In addition, according to experts, you can choose clues that do not contain such compounds.

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