Scotland calls for second referendum on British exit from EU

The British Parliament has failed to reach a coherent agreement and it is time to bring the matter before the people in another referendum, said the first Minister of Scotland, Nicolas Sturgis, following the British Parliament’s vote against the plan of Prime Minister Teresa May to withdraw from the European Union.

According to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) yesterday, Sturgeion called for the extension of Article 50, which provides for a period of time of about two years during which the UK graduated from the European Union.

“She saw it approaching for months, and it was only a waste of time,” he said, referring to the British Prime Minister.

“It’s been two and a half years but the parliament has failed to reach a coherent and implementable agreement, it is time to put this before the people in another referendum,” the first Minister said.

“We cannot waste any more time, it is now time to stop the hands of Article 50 and remove any threat that prevents the United Kingdom from leaving without agreement on March 29,” she said.

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