Secrets about “Coca-Cola”. Prohibited in two countries and entered China by a trick

Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft drinks companies in the world, sold in almost all countries of the world, but contrary to our mistaken belief, there are only two countries in the world that prohibit the sale of this product.

North Korea and Cuba are the only two countries in the world to ban Coca-Cola products, due to the strained relations between them and the United States of America, the country of origin of the products of the famous Soda water company.

Why Coca-Cola was not sold in North Korea
In North Korea, a long-term trade embargo has been imposed since 1950, and the United States of America has approved North Korea, suspending any trade between them.

In Cuba
After the late leader Fidel Castro, the foreign companies in Cuba in 1962, Cuba banned Coca-Cola products on its territory, as Cuba was among three countries that had been filling and producing Coca-Cola products on its territory since 1906.

The products of the soft drinks company entered China after the negotiations between the company and China lasted for 10 years, in 1979, and also in the same year to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics because it was at that time the official sponsor of the World Ice hockey championship .

The company also exploited the fall of Berlin in former East Germany in 1989, for its products to enter the country, by delivering free drinks by the employees of the Coca-Cola Company, and the following year the company entered the market.

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