Serious signs of dry body,If you feel it, you should drink water immediately.

Extreme thirst is not the only sign that you should drink more water, sometimes when the thirst starts to be already in a serious drought condition, this dehydration causes decreased kidney function, dizziness, and contribution to the disease, such as diabetes, and in severe cases: death.

Signs of dry in the body

Instead of resorting to pain killers when you have headaches, try drinking a glass of water, as our brains are made up of 80% of the water, when you feel dehydrated, your brain tissue loses water, causing brain and pain to shrink, and dehydration lowers blood flow and oxygen to the brain, leading to vasodilatation.

Blood in the brain that increases swelling and inflammation, and this in turn causes a headache, so you should note that drinking more fluids may not be 100% protective, so if moisturizing does not help relieve pain, you should visit your doctor.

Dry eyes, mouth and skin
We constantly lose body fluids all day long, and if not, it will dry the mouth because there is not enough fluid to produce saliva, and similarly, dry skin and lack of elasticity in your skin is caused by a short moisture deficiency, your body needs water to soften your mouth, moisturize your skin, and help Visibility clearly.

Dark urine Color
Urine color is probably the most visible sign and a common indicator of whether you are experiencing dehydration, so if you notice that your urine is more concentrated or darker, it means that it has more waste, so when there is enough water flowing through the kidneys, it helps to flush out toxins and eliminate waste, which Leads to urine that contains pale or translucent yellow color.

General fatigue
Lack of sleep and other negative stimuli may cause you to feel tired, but dehydration can also take away energy, so when you feel dehydrated, the body stores energy by reducing blood circulation, as the blood circulation is important because it provides oxygen to the muscles, and if our blood flow does not rotate True, we become lazy and our energy level decreases.

Muscle spasms and cramps
When we sweat, especially during vigorous exercise, this can lead to lower sodium levels, during a high density sweat session, there is only a large amount of fluid that will spread as soon as we lose water, and as a result, the body must prioritize where the residual fluid should be transported. In the body, most of the time, our circulatory system wins, which means that our muscles must take the back seat, if the muscles are not surrounded by enough water and sodium, they become extremely sensitive, causing contractions or involuntary muscle spasms.

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